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By Debbie Gregory.

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Thanks to the Internet, people can make a steady income from wherever they are utilizing a variety of skills. All you really need is an Internet connection, a computer, and an idea. Below are even more small business ideas for you to consider if you are looking to start a business or need a second income stream.

21.) Freelance Writer or Editor

Do you love to write? Content creation is a huge part of marketing in today’s world and companies are always looking to add good writers to their teams. You simply need good writing and editing skills.

22.) Professional Blogger or Social Media Influencer

Blogs and being a social media influencer are both great ways to make money. The pros make money selling advertising and affiliate marketing on their own blogs or social channels. They also get paid to blog for other companies and travel or use products to promote them. Popular topics include travel, cooking, health, technology, finance and more.

23.) Proofreading Services 

Similar to writing services, a good proof reader is worth their weight in gold! If you love grammar and punctuation, consider offering your services to others. You can even promote your service on websites like Upwork, LinkedIn, and other places where prospective clients may look.

24.) Social Media Manager

If you are a social media expert, managing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social channels for others can be a lot of fun. You will need to help the company keep up with the latest trends and tricks for building and engaging their audience, but if you have the skills and desire, this can be a very lucrative side business.

25.) Photographer

This is another great side job for someone already in the field or even an aspiring hobbyist. This is not an easy one to start unless you already have the correct equipment and knowledge. If you aren’t a pro yourself yet, you can team up with professionals at a lower rate to learn the trade. It is also best to select a photography niche and focus on it such as sporting events, weddings, family portraits, pet portraits, etc.  Instead of trying to do all of them, select one as each niche has its own challenges and special equipment.

26.) Sell Photographs

If you have the equipment and a passion for photography, but do not wish to be a photographer, you can also sell the photos you take to stock photography companies. Sites like Shutterstock and iStock by Getty Images will allow you to sell photos for money.

27.) Graphic Designer 

If you already work as a designer, consider offering your services on the side. You can network through business networking groups and in places where businesses look for graphic designers, such as Upwork and LinkedIn to start building your side clientele. If you have other related skills, such as animation and web development, you can further broaden your offerings and generate more business.

28.) Web Designer

Every company needs a good quality website. If you have the skills to build it – offer those skills!

29.) Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) 

As a web designer, you should have experience with SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is complex and challenging to get right and this is particularly true because the major search engines are constantly changing how they rank and display sites in searches. If you have good SEO skills, you can make quite a good amount of money offering those skills to companies.

30.) Shoot or Edit Video

Video is an incredibly popular marketing tool today. It is one of the best, most engaging, ways for companies to communicate their messages to consumers. If you have the skills and equipment to shoot or edit video, this is a great way to make some extra cash.

We at VAMBOA, hope you have enjoyed this mini-series. Today’s digital environment makes it so easy to monetize your existing skills and passions. Whether you are looking to create a full-time business or simply want to make some cash on the side, there is never a bad time to begin.

VAMBOA, the Veterans and Military Business Owners Association hopes that this article has been valuable.   We work hard to bring you important, positive, helpful and timely information and are the “go to” online venue for Veteran and Military Business Owners.  VAMBOA is a non-profit trade association.   We do not charge members any dues or fees and members can also use our seal on their collateral and website.   If you are not yet a member, you can register here:

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By Debbie Gregory.

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Even if you have a full-time job, a second income stream can come in handy and provide you and your family more opportunities and options.  Below are more ten more ideas that may help you find a side-business that would be perfect for your life.

11.) Make & Sell Handmade Products Online

This one is excellent for anyone who has a fun craft they like to do. Do you create jewelry, clothing, toys, craft supplies, home décor, or more? List them for sale on places like Etsy.

12.) Online Tutor

There is always a need for a good, patient tutor in many subjects and for almost every age group.  Especially with so many students learning remotely with parents working, the demand is greater. The most popular needs are usually in math, science, and English. This is a great side job for those who are already working in education or a professional in a field that is complex. You can start a tutoring business on your own or sign up for online services such as Aim-for-A or Chegg Tutors.

13.) Survey Filler

This one isn’t a well paid opportunity but it is fun and incredibly easy. You can sign up with companies like Survey Junkie who will pay you to take surveys on a variety of topics.

14.) Virtual Assistant

Working as a Virtual Assistant can be very profitable but can also be incredibly time-consuming and challenging.  More than ever with remote working, companies, and individual need Virtual Assistants.  A Virtual Assistant takes care of tasks that other people are too busy to take care of yet need to have done. Tasks such as sorting emails by importance, proofreading, formatting email newsletters, or responding to customer questions and comments online are just a few examples and there are many more.

15.) Furniture Maker

If you have wood working skills, this is a great way to make some money. People love high-end, uniquely designed, hand-made furniture that is made in the USA.  You can sell these items through online channels, farmer’s markets, craft fairs, and more.  This is the type of business that embraces referrals and word can spread like wildfire.

16.) Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate is a great way to bring in passive income. You can rent out whole homes if you have the ability to do so, you can list spare rooms in your home for rent online on places like Airbnb, or you can invest in commercial properties through investment companies.  This requires some capital and good credit, but it can be very lucrative.  Real estate is in high demand.

17.) Jewelry Repair

This is another business that requires training and certification. However, if it is a passion of yours, it would make a great home business. Customers simply drop their pieces to you, you fix them, they pick them back up.  You might even design a few pieces for sale too.

18.) Daycare or Baby Sitting

Providing daycare services in your home is a great side business to run if you love children and have a home that would be a safe and fun environment for kids. Babysitting doesn’t require any special training, though having at least a CPR certificate is encouraged. Setting up a full daycare facility will require licensing as well as home inspections, background checks, and following specific regulations (that differ by state).   Now with the vaccines, people are going out again and

According to 2019 Babysitter Survey, the average babysitting rate in 2018 in California was $16.25 per hour and some babysitters in areas such as San Francisco, received as much as $22.50 per hour.  If there are multiple kids, the rate can go up and then many parents also tip.

19.) Pet Sitter

Pet sitting, like babysitting, does not require any special certification, only a safe environment and a love of animals. The rates vary depending on the services and whether you are just feeding and walking the pets or staying over with them.

20.) Podcast Producer or Editor

Podcasts are very popular these days as marketing tools for a wide variety of companies. If you have any experience writing content of any sort, you may want to look at writing content for podcasts.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this mini-series and more Money-Making Small Business Ideas.

VAMBOA, the Veterans and Military Business Owners Association hopes that this article has been valuable.   We work hard to bring you important, positive, helpful and timely information and are the “go to” online venue for Veteran and Military Business Owners.  VAMBOA is a non-profit trade association.   We do not charge members any dues or fees and members can also use our seal on their collateral and website.   If you are not yet a member, you can register here:

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By Debbie Gregory.

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Are you looking for a side business? In today’s world, it is incredibly simple to start a small side business for a second income stream. Most people have marketable skills or knowledge that they aren’t utilizing in their day-job.

Below are ten ideas that may help you find a side-business that not only will complement your life but generate a new source of income.

1.) Miscellaneous Services

Do you have skills someone would pay money for? Maybe are a more than decent handyman with skills, have DJ equipment and enjoy doing that, or other miscellaneous skills of this nature. Try offering your services through sharing economy websites such as TaskRabbit or Thumbtack.

2.) Rideshare Driver

Ridesharing is incredibly popular right now.   The two most popular are Uber and Lyft. They both offer a very flexible schedule: you can work just about any time of day and you set your own hours. Getting paid is also very easy and instant through the various company apps and don’t forget the tips from happy customers.

3.) Food Delivery

Food delivery companies have become incredibly popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can sign up with one of the online delivery companies, such as Door Dash, Uber Eats, or BiteSquad; or you can partner with local restaurants and food businesses to deliver their products.

4.) Grocery Delivery

This is another delivery service that has skyrocketed in popularity due to the pandemic. This one has similar options to the food delivery too and there are many online companies you can apply to work for to deliver groceries such as Instacart.  You can also partner directly with local health food stores or co-ops that offer organically grown produce.

5.) Start a Food Truck

If you are an aspiring restaurateur but lack the capital (or desire) to have a brick and mortar restaurant, a food truck is a great alternative! The demand is very high for trucks of this nature at large events such as weddings or farmer’s markets. Become a “moveable feast”.

6.) House Cleaner

Cleaning other people’s homes is always a lucrative business. It can be a bit strenuous and gritty but it is an affordable startup and an easy one to find clients and obtain referrals.

7.) Professional Organizer

If you don’t necessarily like to clean homes but are really into organizing spaces, becoming a professional organizer may be a great choice for you and is a skill that is in high demand especially with so many people spending more time in their homes.  They want to reclaim space in rooms and garages and want everything in order.

8.) Travel Agent 

If you really enjoy travel and researching exotic destinations, a small travel agency could be the business for you. This one requires a little bit more than some of the others on this list since you will need to take a course or two on travel planning (such as those offered by the International Air Transport Association (IATA)). You may also need to register with your state as a travel agent, depending on where you live. A handful of states, including California and Florida require this registration.   Now with so many Americans becoming vaccinated, many are looking forward to traveling again.

9.) Career/Life Coach 

If you like counseling people and helping them, you may want to consider becoming a career or life coach. You will need training and certification through organizations accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

10.) Bookkeeper

This is an excellent opportunity for people who already manage financial records. Start a side business out of your home helping other businesses manage their finances, pay their bills, prepare their taxes and payroll, taxes, and more.

This is a three-part mini-series so please stay tuned for more ideas in Parts 2 and 3.

VAMBOA, the Veterans and Military Business Owners Association hopes that this article has been valuable.   We work hard to bring you important, positive, helpful and timely information and are the “go to” online venue for Veteran and Military Business Owners.  VAMBOA is a non-profit trade association.   We do not charge members any dues or fees and members can also use our seal on their collateral and website.   If you are not yet a member, you can register here:

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Small Business Ideas for Veterans – Part 2

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By Debbie Gregory.

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VAMBOA hopes you enjoyed Part 1 of Small Business Ideas for Veterans.  Please find below Part 2 of this 3 part series with more small business ideas for entrepreneurs.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Business (HVAC)

There is a great demand for HVAC experts and requires special training and licensing.  You can count on being extremely busy when temperatures are very high or low.   You might want to focus on maintenance and annual service calls as well as new installs.  You may also want to work exclusively in residential or commercial.   As a service-disabled veteran business owner, you have extra points when you bid on some contracts.


Home Inspection Services

The home inspection service business requires you to have knowledge of the construction and real estate. Plan on climbing up on roofs, attics and into crawl spaces. Having ASHI or NAHI certification may be required.  There is a huge market because almost every home sale requires a home inspection.


Identity Theft Protection Agency

If you are well versed in cyber security, this is a good business for you to get into as ID theft is a constant threat that costs consumers and businesses billions of dollars.


Junk/Trash Removal Business

You make money when people are moving, renovating or cleaning out their homes or businesses. You can also expand into document shredding.


Landscaping Business

If you have a green thumb, gardening tools and equipment, and are physically fit, this could be a great business for you. You can also provide artificial turf installation as this is a popular trend.  You may wish to focus on residential or on commercial.  Again, if you are a service-disabled veteran, companies seeking a diverse supplier network want to do business with you.


Locksmith Business

Locksmiths can be heroes to anyone who has ever found themselves on the wrong side of a locked door.  Additionally, tenants move, employees leave and there is a demand to change locks and update to locks and security that is better and offers more technology.


Off Road Tours Business

The ability to drive in rugged terrain and a love of the outdoors can lead you to start an off-road tour business.



Some jobs are best left to the experts, especially when they involve ladders, scaffolding and expertise.   You may want to focus on residential or commercial.


Personal Security/Bodyguards Business

More and more, people who are targets for kidnappers due to their wealth or fame are utilizing personal protection services. Prior security experience is highly recommended.  It addition many corporations provide their top management bodyguards.


Pest Control Services

Insects and wild animals are often a nuisance for residential homes and businesses. Your business will identify and eradicate these pests.  You can obtain monthly contracts too.



A picture is worth a thousand words, so if you have the talent to take beautiful photographs or capture precious moments at special events, consider a photography business.


Private Investigation Firm

Move over Magnum PI.  This business is a good one for those who are inquisitive and like to investigate, who are resourceful and are detail oriented.   resourceful.


Remodeling Business

If you can use remodeling design software, have a flair for design and are up on the latest design trends, this could be a great creative outlet as well as a lucrative business.  Perhaps you might want to focus on one area such as additions, fireplaces, bathrooms, kitchens.


Residential Security Consultant

You will provide expert advice and tips on various security issues to homeowners.  More and more homeowners are securing their homes with technology that they can access with their smart phones. Security stores and companies might want to partner with you for a mutually beneficial relationship.


Restaurant Business

You need to have passion for cooking and love to try out new recipes as well as be service oriented and understand all the aspects of running a business that is usually open seven days a week.



Veteran and Military Business Owners Association, VAMBOA.

Small Business Ideas for Veterans – Part 1

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By Debbie Gregory.

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Those who serve in the military obtain many skills in various areas that can be transferred to owning and operating their own business. If you are a veteran who wants to become an entrepreneur, but you don’t know what type of business you want to start, below are some ideas (in alphabetical order) for you to consider:


Adventure Travel Business

This is an excellent fit for those who love adventure and travel.  This is the type of business that allows you to customize adventure trips for your clients.  You should be physically able to lead the excursions and be knowledgeable of the areas you are visiting.


Arms Dealer

If you are proficient with firearms and can qualify for a gun dealer’s license, that usually includes background checks and fingerprint scans, you can buy and sell firearms as a business.


Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

This is a business that can be very lucrative if you have a solid customer base and provide good customer service. If you can’t secure a location that is spacious enough to contain all the vehicles whose windshields you might have to work on, consider a mobile replacement operation. Mobile glass replacement is becoming very popular to consumers.


Auto Repair Business

You must enjoy working on autos and be willing to constantly update your knowledge as the technology changes.



Starting a campground business is a wonderful business for those who love the outdoors. You will probably need to hire others to help out in the day to day operations, but camping has become more popular and can be lucrative.


Commercial Cleaning Business

Commercial cleaners keep the interiors and exteriors of businesses clean to ensure that the business image is hygienic and positive.  All you would need are the cleaning supplies and knowledge of cleaning chemicals.    This is an excellent business for service-disabled veterans to bid on government contracts.


Construction Business

If you are handy with tools and building, you may want to enter the construction industry.  You should obtain the proper licenses in place before you start your business.  You may want to specialize in specific areas of construction such as plumbing, roofing, framing, HVAC, patios, etc. and decide if you want to focus on residential or commercial.


Courier Service

If you have a cell phone and reliable transportation, you can start a courier business. You may want to decide on whether you will focus on residential or business services.  People an businesses want convenience.


Defensive Driving School

A defensive driving school offers the next-level training for teenage drivers and other drivers who need to know what to do under special conditions, such as driving police cars, ambulances, etc.  Parents want their children to be safe so this has become popular.


Disaster Planning and Preparation Service/Restoration Business

Disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes and wildfire are recurring on a regular basis. This business offers preventive measures that might help in reducing the destruction of property or offer repair/replacement services for properties that have been impacted.   Insurance companies often hire independent companies too.


Dry Cleaning/ Laundry Business

This can be challenging and a lucrative business that usually requires fairly long hours.  You would also need training as well as various permits and licenses required to operate.


Firearms Maintenance Business

Starting a gun cleaning business might be a natural transition for veterans. More than likely, you have probably been trained how to do this during your military service, and you can add other services and sell some products.  This offers repeat business as well.


Firearms Training Instructor

This also can be a natural transition for veterans who have received firearm training. If you expertise in operating firearms you should consider turning your talent into a business.


Fitness Trainer

“Boot camps” and hardcore workouts are part of every military recruit’s training, so this is a good idea for a business for those who are fit and can train others.  We live in a society that values fitness.


Garage Door Repair Business

Garage doors are important to every homeowner, so your business can offer maintenance, repairs or replacement service.


Veteran and Military Business Owners Association, VAMBOA.