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Conference, with America’s Money Answers Man Jordan Goodman
Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen and Speakers from: SBA, VA, DOL, & Top Corporations took place on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 at Amgen’s Corporate Conference Center in Thousand Oaks.

The conference focused on Certification/Verification, Financing, and Winning Government and Private Sector Business.

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VAMBOA & DiversityComm Join Forces to Provide Resources to military and veteran business owners.

The Veterans and Military Business Owners Association (VAMBOA) is proud to announce that it has once again joined forces with DiversityComm to offer beneficial resources to the readers of U.S. Veterans Magazine and secure free subscriptions for VAMBOA members.

VAMBOA is a non-profit 501(c)6 trade association with more than 7,200 members nationwide. Known as the “go-to” association for Veteran and Military Business Owners, VAMBOA assists Veteran Business Owners, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOB) and Military Business Owners with development, growth and prosperity. VAMBOA is supported through corporate sponsorships. There are no dues or membership fees for Veteran and Military Business members.

VAMBOA’s 7,200 members are in all business sectors from sole proprietors to large corporations. VAMBOA helps to spread the word about the excellent diversity programs of its sponsors, and from time to time, profiles key members with press releases, articles, blog posts, and on their social media network approaching a quarter of a million combined fans and followers.

Additionally, VAMBOA assists corporations in connecting sourcing professionals with qualified Veteran and Military Enterprises (VMEs) through face-to-face meetings and distributing their RFI/RFPs, thus increasing diversity spend. VAMBOA also provides the opportunity to network with corporate members and share their best practices in Supplier Diversity.

“By renewing our Memorandum of Understanding, we are pleased to be able to offer a valuable subscription to DiversityComm’s U.S. Veterans Magazine to our membership without any cost to them,” said VAMBOA CEO Debbie Gregory. “At the same time, we will be supplying editorial content to the magazine that will be of interest to the magazine’s readership. At VAMBOA, we value working with the DiversityComm team.”

DiversityComm has more than 25 years of professional expertise in all aspects of business and employment that ensures equal opportunity and diversity and inclusion advertising. In addition to U.S. Veterans Magazine, DiversityComm publishes Black EOE Journal, HISPANIC Network Magazine, Professional WOMAN’s Magazine, Diversity in STEAM Magazine and Diverseability Magazine.

Startups Selling Services, Tech Far Beyond Satellites And Rockets  

by Irene Klotz

Aviation Week & Space Technology

August 3, 2018

RBC Signals, a Seattle-based company is bringing the shared services business model to space-to-ground communications.  RBC is part of a small but growing cadre of companies jockeying to serve the expected tsunami of smallsats, the fastest growing segment of a global satellite industry worth $269 billion in 2017, according to the Satellite Industry Association. While spacecraft manufacturers and launch companies garner most of the attention and investment dollars, ventures such as RBC and LeoLabs, which sells satellite-tracking and mapping services, are diversifying the ecosystem of the New Space economy.

“I think that investing in the space sector and the growth of the space economy now is a massive opportunity to make a lot of money,” said Joe Landon, chairman of the venture capital firm Space Angels, at the NewSpace conference in Seattle in June.

Reimagine Aerospace Product Design with Generative Design & Advanced Composites  

Free Webinar

Date: September 18

Time: 8am pacific time

As per the 2018 Global Aerospace & Defense Outlook from Deloitte, the passenger air traffic is expected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 4.7% contributing to increased aircraft production. As aircraft production continues to grow, the key challenges the industry needs to consider include – strengthening the supply chain, effective program management and use of new and advanced technologies to become more efficient.

With the aviation emission regulations getting stricter, designers and engineers are being continually challenged to lightweight aircraft components while the development cycles keep getting shorter.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how new technologies such as Generative Design and advances in Composites design and manufacturing can help Aerospace companies reimagine existing products and develop the next generation of products.

Space Symposium  

Dates: September 25th and 26th

Location: Traverse City, Michigan

Sponsor: Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association

The symposium focus is on understanding and taking advantage of defense and commercial opportunities in near-earth and low orbit space.

Thought leaders and policy makers who are envisioning and implementing the USA’s presence in space will provide context for the program. Prime contractors and program managers will brief attendees on their current and planned projects. They will be detailing the needs and opportunities available to the USA’s supplier network.

Attendees representing small and medium size enterprises in the fields of engineering and manufacturing will have the opportunity to participate in B2B meetings with the presenting prime contractors.

Whether it is the Pentagon’s new Space Force, nano/microsatellite networks, or Missile Defense Systems, near earth outer space is becoming crowded with business opportunities. Growth focused enterprises who aspire to be part of the next generation of high tech companies will benefit from attending this event.


Winnipeg A&D Company: Owner wants to exit a 30+ year old A&D enterprise possessing C$20m in revenue and C$3+m of EBITDA. The aerospace operation has top equipment and customer approvals and C$60m of capacity (affords a low-cost source of production given exchange rates). The defense operation is literally unique in North America, and provides R&O for all types and generations of military land vehicles owned by the US, Canada, Australia, etc. Owner is seeking the FMV of the assets, and the operations can be sold separately. If interested, please contact Jeff Knakal, Growth Partners at Jeff@GrowthPartners.Net or 818-713-8000.

Manufacturing Day 2018

This year, National Manufacturing Day will be on October 5. It is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. It addresses common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and show what manufacturing is – and what it isn’t. By working together, manufacturers will begin to address the skilled labor shortage they face, connect with future generations, take charge of the public image of manufacturing, and ensure the ongoing prosperity of the whole industry.

A&D Forum Upcoming Chapter Meetings  

See the Meeting Notices tab on the A&D Forum website for descriptions and links to RSVP to any of the meetings. Waitlists are maintained for all meetings and tours.
Joining chapter mailing lists is free.

Recordings of over 200 chapter presentations are available for download by A&D Forum members.

Orange County Chapter:

  • September – Dark because of holiday
  • October 4 – “Finding & Financing So.Calif A&D Companies”, panel of executives from A&D companies and private equity groups

South Bay Chapter:

  • Sept 12 – Tour of Systems Technology in Hawthorne
  • October 10  – Tour of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – a joint meeting of the South Bay and San Fernando Valley chapters

Dallas – Ft. Worth Chapter: September 13 – “Developments in Additive Manufacturing”, Kelly Knake & Sam Hockaday, Impac Systems Engineering

Arizona Chapter: September 27 – “United States Space Force: What does it mean for the Market?”, Benjamin Hernandez, CoFounder of the Arizona Spaceport Alliance

Los Angeles Chapter: Septembe 20 – A&D Leaders Evening (by invitation only)

San Fernando Valley Chapter:

  • September 13 – Tour of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, Valencia
  • October 10  – Tour of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – a joint meeting of the South Bay and San Fernando Valley chapters
  • November 15 – Tour of Vanderhorst Brothers, Inc. an advanced machining facility in Simi Valley

San Diego Chapter: Manufacturing Discussion/Orientation, Panelists/Speakers: TBD, July 24

By Debbie Gregory.

McLean, Virginia-based government technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton has won a $1 billion contract for up to six years to provide a suite of cybersecurity services to six federal agencies, the defense and cybersecurity contractor has announced.

Cybersecurity services will be provided to the General Services Administration, the Health and Human Services Department, NASA, the Social Security Administration, the Treasury Department and the U.S. Postal Service. With one base year and five one-year options, Booz Allen will help the federal agencies address cybersecurity gaps and help fortify the security of networks, systems and data.

The work will be part of the federal government’s largest cybersecurity initiative known as Dynamic and Evolving Federal Enterprise Network Defense and its Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program (CDM), which Booz Allen has supported for the past five years. Booz Allen also won a multi-million dollar contract in May for seven other agencies under the CDM project, which covers the Executive Office of the President and the Office of Personnel Management, as well as the departments of Energy, Veterans Affairs, Interior, Transportation, and Agriculture.

Booz Allen’s CDM program secures nearly 80 percent of the “.gov” enterprise, including 4.1 million network addressable devices, 1.75 million users, 19,700 sites and 89 individual federal organizations.

“Cyberdefense has become a race. And success means faster decisions and faster actions,” said Rob Allegar, Booz Allen vice president and lead for the CDM work. “We design Booz Allen’s CDM solutions to help agency leaders understand their attack surface, detect evolving threats, make informed risk-based decision, and act quickly.”

Founded in 1914 by a young college graduate in psychology named Edwin G. Booz, the company laid its foundation using new approaches to management that emphasized people, not products, were the key to unlocking an organization’s full potential.

Booz Allen shares (NYSE: BAH) climbed on news of the contract. Its stock has gained more than 50 percent in the past 12 months.

By Debbie Gregory.

Retired U.S. Navy captain David Haas is the latest former or current Navy official to be caught up in the “Fat Leonard” scandal, a corruption scandal and ongoing investigation within the United States Navy involving ship support contractor Glenn Defense Marine Asia, run by Leonard Glenn Francis.

Francis, known as “Fat Leonard” due to his six foot three inch, 350 pound frame, has admitted to bribing Navy officials with more than $500,000 in cash, prostitutes and more.  He used bribery to get classified information that helped his Singapore-based company retain lucrative contracts to resupply Navy vessels in the Pacific. Francis confessed to swindling the Navy out of $35 million and bribing scores of officers.

Haas has been indicted on federal charges of receiving at least $145,000 in bribes to steer ships to ports controlled by Francis’ company and otherwise advance Francis’ interests

Also charged this month were Master Chief Petty Officer Ricarte Icmat David  and Chief Petty Officer Brooks Alonzo Parks, both retired. David is awaiting possible extradition from the Philippines and Parks is awaiting possible extradition from Italy.

Haas is currently a Federal Emergency Management Agency coordinating officer in Hawaii, but FEMA representatives have declined to make any comment.

Dozens of former Navy officers and others have been charged in the scandal that the Justice Department called a betrayal of “epic proportions.”

So far, 32 defendants have been charged and 20 have pleaded guilty in the U.S. Navy bribery and fraud scandal.

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Mark W. Pletcher and Patrick Hovakimian of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California.

In February 2018, through Admiral Bill Moran, the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, the Navy announced the implementation of increased oversight and other measures and policies to deter a repeat of  widespread corruption such as in the Fat Leonard case.