IRS Dirty Dozen

By Debbie Gregory.

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What does the IRS have to say?

Every year the IRS releases a list of the most common taxpayer scams to help the general public identify and hopefully avoid falling victim to. The following is the list for 2019.


The IRS’ “Dirty Dozen” worst scams for 2019 (grabbed right from the IRS’ website):

  • Abusive tax shelters, trusts, and conservation easements – See IR-2019-47
  • Frivolous tax arguments – See IR-2019-45
  • Failure to report offshore funds – See IR-2019-43
  • Improper claims for business credits – See IR-2019-42
  • Scams involving disasters and charitable causes – See IR-2019-39
  • Inflating deductions and/or credits – See IR-2019-36
  • Falsifying income and/or creating bogus documents – See IR-2019-35
  • Promises of inflated tax refunds – See IR-2019-33
  • Tax return preparer fraud – See IR-2019-32
  • Identity theft – See IR-2019-30
  • Phone scams – See IR-2019-28
  • Pervasive phishing schemes –  See IR-2019-26


The IRS also has a quick intro video about the Dirty Dozen list:


For more information or to read the full text on any of the Dirty Dozen listed above, check out the official IRS website:


VAMBOA, the Veterans and Military Business Owners Association encourages its members and supporters to be on the alert and protect all of your information.