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More Financing Info For Small Businesses

By Debbie Gregory.

Many business owners focus on the numbers on their balance sheet and don’t pay enough attention to their cash flow needs. To keep a company thriving, business owners need to take charge of their working capital.

Working capital is the daily, weekly and monthly cash requirement for the operations of a company.  It is paramount to the success of any business. Working capital ensures that a firm has enough liquidity to run its operations smoothly. Veteran business owners need to also be mindful of working capital.

Some of the additional benefits of having healthy working capital include:

  • A higher return for every dollar invested in the business
  • Improved credit profile
  • Higher liquidity and profitability
  • The ability to weather market ebbs and flows
  • Favorable Financing Terms

While there are many options to finance your small businesses, be aware that finance terms and fee structures are hidden and don’t clearly display the true cost of credit.

To that end, StreetShares, a veteran-run company, is currently providing one of most transparent and fair business lending products that benefit entrepreneurship across the U.S., according to Mark Rockefeller than CEO and an Iraq War.

Streetshares is launching zero fee products with a low, straightforward interest rate, allowing business owners to more clearly understand the real cost of credit as they are increasingly accustomed to in the consumer lending space.   These products will be available until May 31st.

Additionally, StreetShares is also providing a four-week interest rate rebate to small business owners so if borrowers choose to pay off their loan or line of credit draw within the four week period, they can do it without paying any fees or finance charges whatsoever.

“Our mission is to be the trusted financial solution for America’s heroes and their communities, this offering will help us achieve that,” said Rockefeller

Knowing how much working capital your business needs to function will vary, but it’s important to have a clear understanding, plan accordingly and manage your financial responsibilities.

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