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Most business owners say that they lack free time or even the time to do much more than work. They tend to work almost non-stop.   This is because their passion for their business is what had led them to success. However, working yourself to death is not a good thing to do.  It is so important to have balance and all work, and no play is unhealthy and can burn you out.   It is critical that you take control of your schedule and get some much needed down time.  Sometime scheduling your downtime just as you schedule an important meeting can be important and ensure that you have this balance. Below are three ideas to help you better manage your time and schedule.

1.) Say no… and mean it!

Most business owners find it difficult to turn down projects or opportunities that may prove valuable at some later date. They often end up overloading their schedules and stressing themselves out.

When asked to do anything, you should step back and consider if the proposition is providing real value to you or your business. Will the opportunity be beneficial both in terms of time spent on it and yield the desired result? Occasionally you may just take on a project because it seems like fun, or you like the person asking you to do it. Make sure that you take a few minutes to analyze any new opportunity or request in order to make an educated decision on whether it is worth your attention. If it is not, say no and mean it.

2.) Delegate!

Many business owners are overwhelmed with tasks; whether it is stocking shelves, answering calls or emails, managing payroll, heading to bank, or the multitude of other day-to-day tasks that need to be done. Even if you do not have employees, you can (and should) still be delegating tasks to others to help free up some of your time. Start with your staff and employees and then ask other people that you trust outside of the business (family or friends) who are able to assist with some of the more minor tasks on your list.

3.) Work-Life Blending…

As a Small Business Owner,you most likely already know that you cannot completely separate your personal life from your work life. This is not a bad thing. Instead of a work-life balance, most have a work-life blend that can be incredibly beneficial to the business and the business owner as long as it is managed properly. Learn when to focus on the business and when to focus on your personal life. Make sure to prioritize as needed and take time off to completely disconnect occasionally for goodness’s sake!

Managing your valuable time as a Small Veteran Business Owner will always be a constant challenge.  However, with a concerted, strategic effort, you can better schedule your business and life.  This will provide you more free time and help you stay passionate and energized to grow your business.

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