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By Debbie Gregory.

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Brandi Leifo was living in a domestic violence shelter without any clear direction in life, or real training, job or even a home to live in. Brandi did not have any support structure but she had an idea and absolutely nothing to lose.


Brandi had a vision for a future and developed a mission to break stigmas and make a real social impact.  With only $15, some creative portfolio items, and an honest desire to do good, Brandi created Evio Beauty Group to bring together products that are good for your skin, your community, and the planet.


With two brands, Evio Beauty is an eco-conscious skincare and makeup company that focuses on sustainable, natural cosmetic products.  The Evio community is an online platform that provides education on a wide variety of topics such as feminism, fashion, beauty, and cannabis.

Brandi’s critics told her she was crazy to try to break into the over-saturated cosmetics market with zero experience, but she didn’t listen to them. Her first real ‘yes’ in the industry came from Unity Clothing that placed an order for Brandi’s conceptual line of lip-gloss, mascara, bronzers, eye shadow, and blush. They placed their order before there was an actual product and Brandi began work to deliver their order within three


Fast forward, today Evio is projecting over $5 million in annual sales and has attracted interest and investment from many other large corporations and manufacturers of personal care products. Social impact is truly the core of the business and Evio partners with many others to do good in the world and works with organizations such as the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Evio Beauty uses makeup as a way to confront stigmas and to promote the idea of kindness.


Evio also owns a subsidiary company called Iona Cannabis Corp. that houses all of Evio’s cannabis developments and activities. Evio and their partner Aurora Cannabis will soon be launching an exclusive set of 6 beauty products featuring hemp-oil. They are working hard to develop cannabis-infused products that will help reduce their carbon footprint while offering new and exciting “affordable luxury” products to the world with real health benefits.


Interested in learning more? You can check out their website here :


Regardless of whatever negativity life tosses your way, there is always a way to turn your path around and start a new journey. As the saying goes “when one door closes, another opens.”  VAMBOA hopes that Brandi Leifo and Evio’s story inspires and motivates you.