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Veterans Entrepreneurship Program

Riata Entrepreneurship Center—Oklahoma State University

~ empowering veterans to take control of their futures through their own ventures ~

The disabled Veterans Entrepreneurship Program (VEP) at Oklahoma State University helps disabled veterans launch and grow their own businesses. Our purpose is to empower our service men and women to make a successful transition back to civilian life by creating financially sustainable ventures.

VEP offers cutting-edge, experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management to veterans from all branches of the armed services. VEP trains veterans to recognize and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and gives them the tools to act on their dreams and passion. This rigorous program involves some of the nation’s top educators and subject matter experts on topics such as business model development, sildenafil funding, marketing, operations, accounting, and legal issues. Over the past three years, close to 125 veterans have graduated from the VEP and are now using the knowledge they gained to start ventures or take existing ventures to the next level.

This is a year-long program consisting of three phases:

  • Phase I              Concept Development & Self Study                    12/2-1/19          Online
  • Phase II             VEP Bootcamp                                                         2/1-2/8               Stillwater, OK
  • Phase III           Mentoring and Venture Development                 Mar-Dec

The VEP program is offered entirely free to any veteran accepted into the program. OSU covers all costs including: courses, instructors, books, and materials; as well as transportation to and accommodations in Stillwater and food and outings associated with the eight-day on-campus “Bootcamp” portion of the program held in February.

We are looking for veterans with an entrepreneurial dream. Please pass on this information to others who may be interested. A more detailed description of the program can be found in the attached brochure. For more information, or to apply to VEP, please visit our website To have printed brochures or applications mailed directly to you please call us at 405-744-7552. Thank you in advance for your support.


Misty Stutsman
Manager, Events and Outreach, VEP
Riata Center for Entrepreneurship