By Debbie Gregory.

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Productivity is important.  As a small business owner with more to do in a day than there are hours, getting started on your day can often be difficult. Where do you begin? Starting your day with the largest and most daunting tasks on your to-do list can make a big difference in your day and overall effectiveness as a leader. Below are a few activities to not only get your day started right but will make your day better and more productive.

1.) Get some exercise

The best way to ensure you get a good workout every day is to begin your day with one! If you simply begin your work day, odds are good at the end of the day you will feel too drained from work to get to the gym. Working out also reduces anxiety and boosts your overall decision-making, problem-solving and planning skills.

2.) Eat a good breakfast

Skipping breakfast is never a good idea. You body and brain both need energy and fuel to concentrate and stay on task. Make sure to get in a good meal before you tackle your day.

3.) Scan your email for the most important items

Those emails in your inbox waiting for you are a pressing concern for most people these days. It is a good idea to begin by giving your inbox a quick few scan that will take just a few minutes.  You can then properly schedule time blocks of time to take care of these emails more efficiently. Scanning what is waiting and scheduling this time also keeps your mind from wondering what is waiting for you in your inbox while you are trying to focus on other tasks.

4.) Make and practice a morning ritual

Morning rituals are a great way to get a little bit of “me” time before you give your time to everyone else. This ritual sets the tone for your day and can help you calm your mind and put life into perspective. It can also help boost your confidence to face your daily challenges.

These rituals do not need to be long and involved.

Maybe try a few things such as:

  • Listening to an audio book
  • Reading a book for a few minutes
  • Listening to music
  • Journaling
  • Meditating
  • Enjoying some aromatherapy
  • Drinking a cup of tea
  • Doing a small craft
  • And more

5.) Stand for morning meetings

Meetings first thing in the morning tend to be unpleasant and waste a lot of valuable time. However, sometimes they are necessary to touch base with your team. If you absolutely have to start your day with a meeting, don’t sit down. Conduct the meeting sitting up or walking. Not only is standing or walking healthier than sitting, moving around also increases creative output. It may also encourage and lead to a shorter meeting.

6.) Get that dreaded item over with

The most valuable input we can provide you is the advice for you to get the worst item of your day off of your plate first thing. As Mark Twain famously quipped, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning.” Getting that one awful task off of your to-do list first can give the rest of your day a boost and give you a feeling of accomplishment. It also prevents that task from taking up your valuable mental space and causing you stress.

As a business owner you are a busy person, hopefully these tips can help you de-stress a bit and enable you to start your day on a better foot so that you are able to be more productive and an overall better leader for your team.

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