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Veterans wishing to start a military business have many different points of support, including organizations like VAMBOA (Veteran and Military Business Owners Association) and the Small Business Administration. A military small business can be difficult to get off the ground without obtaining military loans from a military lending network or company. Military small business loans are available for all veterans who meet the necessary requirements to qualify, including Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOB). The Small Business Administration has the necessary materials you need to complete in order to be considered for one of their military loans or military small business loans.

VAMBOA is a great organization to become a part of because it offers many networking opportunities for your military small business that you may not have access to otherwise. Some of the networking benefits VAMBOA offers to its veterans include connecting with other SDVOB and military business owners, obtaining corporate and government contracts to reduce the amount of military lending necessary to run your military small business and gaining access to conferences and seminars you might otherwise not be able to attend. Networking is crucial to the success of your military business, so take advantage of VAMBOA, using its connections to SDVOB and military lending opportunities. Registration for VAMBOA is absolutely free, which is the best kind of networking any military small business just starting out could want.

The Small Business Administration is a key resource to have at your disposal when beginning or extending your military small business. The Small Business Administration has access to many military small business loans and other military loans that you can use to purchase vital equipment, space or machinery. Currently, the Small Business Administration is piloting a new program called the Patriot Express Loan Program, which provides military lending to new and expanding companies in different amounts of military loans. This program is available only to military business owners, SDVOB and veterans looking to start a military business. The program will only be accepting applications for military small business loans through the end of December 2010, so make sure to apply early if you are looking to obtain one of these military loans.