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Intrapreneurs And Are They Good for Veteran Owned Businesses?  

By Debbie Gregory.

They think and behave like business owners, but they’re not. They are invaluable to the health of a company. They demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit within an existing organization.  They are the person(s) within an organization who are provided the freedom and resources to initiate projects, business ventures, etc. In a sense they are your employees who are internal entrepreneurs.

They’re called intrapreneurs.

For companies eager to welcome and embrace people who are creative, proactive, and flexible, the rewards of employing intrapreneurs can be tremendous.

How do you identify an intrapreneur?

Intrapreneurs are usually not primarily money motivated but are more success motivated. They understand that if they do their work in a way that shows the organization they are someone it can’t afford to lose, the money and advancement finds them.

Intrapreneurs treat their job as if it were their own business. They are driven to find resourceful ways to approach challenging situations.

Intrapreneurs are resilient and not afraid to change course. They don’t fear failure, but rather view failure as an opportunity for growth.

Intrapreneurs behave authentically and with integrity, while exhibiting the traits of confidence and humility.

Intrapreneurs are masters of building relationships, assisting others where and when they can, and not being shy about asking for help when they need it.

Intrapreneurs are in demand simply because they make companies better. Employees stay in their roles long-term because they’re challenged and fulfilled by the work they’re doing, and companies thrive because they retain the best people and best ideas and allow them the flexibility to run with their balls.

So now that you know how to spot an intrapreneur, how do you hire them?

People tend to associate with those who share the same beliefs or behaviors. So it stands to reason that a company founded with an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial emphasis will become a magnet for more of the same. Employees recommend the company to others who share their values. A company needs to conduct itself with integrity if it expects to find those traits upheld in its ranks.

Hiring intrapreneurs is to a company’s advantage, especially a veteran owned small business. Having employees who take ownership of their work will be reflected in the company’s products and services.

When intrapreneurs work at solving problems, they foster the growth of other talented intrapreneurs and integrate more new ideas for the good of the entire company.   They also inspire others to do more and think outside the box.

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