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Veteran business owners are constantly faced with new challenges that other businesses may not encounter. For starters, veteran owned small businesses and service disabled veteran owned businesses often have to spend more on typical office supplies and health insurance costs because they have smaller employee counts than large corporations. Veteran businesses also have to abide by certain standards set by the government and the Small Business Administration in order to remain considered “veteran owned small businesses.” Luckily, VAMBOA (Veteran and Military Business Owners Association) has made it easy to increase networking experiences and find SBA loans that veterans need to start, build or expand their business.

VAMBOA offers extensive networking opportunities for new and established veteran business owners. The only way a business can grow and prosper is by networking. Of course, many businesses don’t have the funds to hit the ground running, but by utilizing resources from the Small Business Administration, such as SBA loans created specifically for small businesses, such as veteran businesses and service disabled veteran owned businesses, military owned businesses, veterans can begin their businesses strong and continue networking while they build success.

Veteran businesses can use the Small Business Administration to find the necessary forms they need to be approved as veteran owned small businesses or service disabled veteran owned businesses. VAMBOA is a great resource. Veteran business owners can connect with other veteran business owners to discuss the best ways to apply for SBA loans, changes or updates from the Small Business Administration for qualifications and more. VAMBOA can also connect you with private corporations that want to work with you.

One of the best ways for newer veteran businesses and service disabled veteran owned businesses to get a jump start is to become members of VAMBOA. There, veterans are able to build a collection of contacts, adding veterans to their list of business contacts to network with. Networking is a great way for veterans to learn about the process of becoming a successful veteran business owner, to find advice on SBA loans and to build the best business practices to ensure a successful future.